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Paper: Web-applications to Explore the Earth and Universe at JAXA's Space Science Data Archive DARTS
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 685
Authors: Ebisawa, K.; Saitoh, A.; Imai, K.; Shimada, T.
Abstract: DARTS (Data ARchives and Transmission Systems) is JAXA's space science data archive. DARTS has several web-applications which enable users to easily browse and quick-look the data archived at DARTS. Here, we introduce C3 and JUDO2, with which users can freely explore the terrestrial data and astronomical data, respectively, using only an ordinary web-browser. To display the terrestrial data, C3 uses the same technology as Dagik Earth; the global maps are made using an orthographic projection, which evokes a realistic visual feeling if projected on a (hemi)sphere. The original JUDO was developed and released in 2007 to facilitate use of the Suzaku and ASCA X-ray data. It has been fully refurbished in 2014/2015 using Aladin-lite, and MAXI and Swift all sky survey data have been added. With JUDO2, users can display not only different survey images superposing one another, but also the specific information on the Suzaku and ASCA data such as foot-prints, proposal abstracts and download URLs.
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