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Paper: GMRT Archive Processing Project
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 167
Authors: Deshpande, S.; Wadadekar, Y.; Intema, H.; Ratnakumar, B.; George, L.; Desai, R.; Sakhadeo, A.; Shaikh, S.; Ishwara-Chandra, C. H.; Oberoi, D.
Abstract: The GMRT Online Archive now houses over 120 terabytes of interferometric observations obtained with the GMRT since the observatory began operating as a facility in 2002. The utility of this vast data archive, likely the largest of any Indian telescope, can be significantly enhanced if first look (and where possible, science ready) processed images can be made available to the user community. We have initiated a project to pipeline process GMRT images in the 150, 240, 325 and 610 MHz bands. The thousands of processed continuum images that we will produce will prove useful in studies of distant galaxy clusters, radio AGN, as well as nearby galaxies and star-forming regions. Besides the scientific returns, a uniform data processing pipeline run on a large volume of data can be used in other interesting ways. For example, we will be able to measure various performance characteristics of the GMRT telescope and their dependence on waveband, time of day, RFI environment, backend, galactic latitude etc. in a systematic way. A variety of data products such as calibrated UVFITS data, sky images and AIPS processing logs will be delivered to users via a web-based interface. Data products will be compatible with standard Virtual Observatory protocols.
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