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Paper: New Python Developments to Access CDS Services
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 253
Authors: Baumann, M.; Boch, T.
Abstract: We will present recent developments made in the frame of the ASTERICS project and aimed at providing Python interface to CDS services and Virtual Observatory standards. Special care has been taken to integrate these developments into the existing astropy/astroquery environment. A new astroquery.cds module allows one to retrieve image or catalog datasets available in a given region of the sky described by a MOC (Multi Order Coverage map) object. Datasets can also be filtered through additional constraints on their metadata. The MOCPy library has been upgraded: performance has been greatly improved, unit tests and continuous integration have been added, and the integration of the core code into the astropy.regions module is under way. We have also added an experimental support for creation and manipulation of T-MOCs which describe the temporal coverage of a data collection.
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