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Paper: Centralization and Management of Science Operations Procedures and Test Cases using SOCCI
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 381
Authors: Pérez-López, F.; Navarro, V.; Lumi, K.; Liiva, H.; Hanson, H.; Caballero, R.; Kuik, C. L.; Lember, A.; García, C.; Pašenkov, E.; Kaldamäe, L.
Abstract: The Science Operations Configuration Control Infrastructure (SOCCI) is a single, highly customizable platform for system engineering providing tools and guidelines for: requirement management, problem and change management, test management, project and document management, source version control and continuous integration. This infrastructure provides support to the software development and maintenance processes of science operations units at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC). SOCCI reduces effort and knowledge to setup & maintain the Systems Engineering Environment (SEE) and supports the users by providing guidelines and good practices learned from previous experiences. The development of SOCCI started in 2014 and has being operationally used from June 2017. Recently, the range of functionalities already covered by SOCCI have been extended through SOCCI Evolution and SOCCI Test Framework projects. This paper describes the design, implementation and use of SOCCI for two major new functionalities: the management of operational procedures and documentation including their scheduling and automatic execution; and the testing automation including the importing and exporting of results from external test tools.
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