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Paper: Creating and Managing Very Large HiPS: The Pan-STARRS Case
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 421
Authors: Boch, T.; Fernique, P.
Abstract: HiPS (Hierarchical Progressive Surveys) is a proven Virtual Observatory standard which enables an efficient way to deliver easily potentially huge images collection and allows for fast visualisation, exploration and science applications. CDS has recently published the HiPS for Pan-STARRS g and z-bands images, covering three quarter of the sky at a resolution of 250mas per pixel. We will describe in this paper the challenges we faced and the lessons learned in generating and distributing these HiPS made of 47 million FITS tiles, amounting to 10 trillion pixels and more than 20TB per band. In particular, we will detail the methods we developed to optimize the generation, the storage and the transfer of the HiPS. In addition, a color HiPS, based on the two already available HiPS, has been made available and can be visualized from HiPS clients, like Aladin Desktop (Bonnarel et al. 2000) or Aladin Lite (Boch & Fernique 2014).
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