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Paper: The OV-GSO Data Center
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 449
Authors: Sanguillon, M.; Glorian, J.; Vastel, C.
Abstract: The OV-GSO (Observatoire Virtuel du Grand Sud-Ouest: is one of the six French Astrophysical Data Center recognized by INSU/CNRS (National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy) since 2013. It aims at providing, for Astrophysical and Planetology research, data processing, archiving, and dissemination. The OV-GSO gathers five different themes: Sun-Earth (STORMS: Solar Terrestrial ObseRvations and Modeling Service, CLIMSO-DB: database of images from the CLIMSO coronagraphs at Pic du midi observatory in the Pyrénées), planetary plasmas (CDPP: French national data center for natural plasmas of the Solar System), interstellar medium (CASSIS: free interactive spectrum analyzer, CADE: Analysis Center for Extended Data, KIDA: database of kinetic data of interest for astrochemical studies), stellar spectra (PolarBase: database of high resolution spectropolarimetric stellar observations, Pollux: stellar spectra database proposing access to theoretical data), and high energy astrophysics (SCC-XMM: XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre). We present in this article the different services that are hosted at the center, the different tools that have been developed, and the OV standards and protocols that have been used within this Data Center.
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