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Paper: The PDS Approach to Science Data Quality Assurance
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 463
Authors: Raugh, A.
Abstract: The Planetary Data System (PDS) was established by NASA in the early 1980s with the mandate not merely to preserve the bytes returned by its planetary spacecraft, but to ensure those data would be available to and usable by future generations. When PDS accepts data for archiving, it must be complete, thoroughly documented, and as far as possible autonomous within the archive (that is, everything needed to understand and use the data must be in the archive as well). In order to maintain usability, PDS must first establish usability of each incoming data submission. The two primary quality assurance tools applied to archive submissions are the PDS4 Information Model and the mandatory External Peer Review. The Information Model guides data preparers to producing well-formatted, well-documented data products that are programmatically accessible, while the External Peer Review ensures the archive submission is complete, usable, and of sufficient quality to merit permanent preservation and support as part of the Planetary Data System archives.
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