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Paper: Data-Driven Pixelation with Voronoi Tessellation
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 539
Authors: Lam, M. C.; McWhirter, P. R.
Abstract: In modern Astrophysics, Voronoi Tessellation is a rarely used as a pixelation scheme. While it exists, it is almost exclusively used in signal enhancements, clustering analysis, and simulations. In observational Astronomy, with Gaia, ZTF, DES, etc. data becoming available, this branch of science is becoming more and more data-driven. HEALPix offers excellent ways to pixelize the celestial sphere, the implementations completely separate the background information from the data. While with Voronoi Tessellation, it can generate a one-to-one mapping of data points to Voronoi cells. This concept also works on a HEALPix scheme, which enable users with minimal knowledge on spherical trigonometry to apply this method. We discuss how this can be used to detrend light curves data from the Liverpool Telescope SkyCam-T.
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