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Paper: Astrophysical Code Migration into Exascale Era
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 559
Authors: Goz, D.; Bertocco, S.; Tornatore, L.; Taffoni, G.
Abstract: The ExaNeSt and EuroExa H2020 EU-funded projects aim to design and develop an exascale ready computing platform prototype based on low-energy-consumption ARM64 cores and FPGA accelerators. We participate in the application-driven design of the hardware solutions and prototype validation. To carry on this work we are using, among others, Hy-Nbody, a state-of-the-art direct N-body code. Core algorithms of Hy-Nbody have been improved in such a way to increasingly fit them to the exascale target platform. Waiting for the ExaNest prototype release, we are performing tests and code tuning operations on an ARM64 SoC facility: a SLURM managed HPC cluster based on 64-bit ARMv8 Cortex-A72/Cortex-A53 core design and powered by a Mali-T864 embedded GPU. In parallel, we are porting a kernel of Hy-Nbody on FPGA aiming to test and compare the performance-per-watt of our algorithms on different platforms. In this paper we describe how we re-engineered the application and we show first results on ARM SoC.
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