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Paper: Pixel Mask Filtering of the CIAO Data Model
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 563
Authors: He, H.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Glotfelty, K.
Abstract: The data model library (DM), a Chandra X-ray data analysis software (CIAO) package (Fruscione et al. 2006), facilitates a wide range of "on-the-fly" data manipulation capabilities such as copy, merge, bin and filtering. We have recently extended these capabilities to include pixel mask filtering. Pixel mask filtering is integrated into the DM region filtering syntax and logic, and thus complements the conventional geometric shape filtering. This integration allows for the standard operations on combining masks and shapes such as include, exclude, intersection, and union. The mask image is stored as a data block in the output file, and referenced by the region filter string in the data subspace.We will highlight the usage of pixel mask filtering in the CIAO software and discuss the unique features associated with the mask filtering.
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