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Paper: Subaru Telescope Network 5 or STN5 - The New Computer and Network System at the Subaru Telescope
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 601
Authors: Noumaru, J.; Winegar, T.; Kyono, E.; Yamanoi, H.; Schubert, K.
Abstract: Subaru Telescope has recently completed the procurement and installation of the fifth contract of the computing environment called Subaru Telescope Network 5 or STN5. Getting ready for in-house management of the next procurement, STN6, was a high priority with STN5. We successfully made the procurement of sufficient computing resources supporting data analysis, instrument control and various service functions in both the Hilo base and the summit facilities. The analysis environment has been enhanced and the virtual machine environment has been increased at both the Hilo base and the summit facilities. The latter allows for organizational virtual machine (VM)'s developed by divisions within the observatory to be migrated to managed environment.
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