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Paper: Working with the Hubble Space Telescope Public Data on Amazon Web Services
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 671
Authors: Momcheva, I. G.
Abstract: In May 2018 STScI announced that ∼110 TB of archival observations from the Hubble Space Telescope are available in cloud storage on Amazon Web Services. This tutorial provides an introduction to accessing this dataset and to AWS cloud computing in general for users who have not previously used cloud resources. We demonstrate how to access the Hubble Public Dataset on AWS in order to carry out a variety of tasks. Participants are introduced to the astroquery.mast and boto3 Python client libraries. We demonstrate operations with the data such as retrieving, displaying and running analysis on single images. We then show how to scale up analysis through serverless computing. Finally we browse some advanced capabilities such as logging, price estimation and machine learning. The tutorial is geared toward novice AWS users. Intermediate Python knowledge is strongly recommended.
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