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Paper: Visualization in IRSA Services using Firefly
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 681
Authors: Joliet, E.; Wu, X.
Abstract: NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) curates the science products of NASA's infrared and submillimeter missions, including many large-area and all-sky surveys. IRSA offers access to digital archives through powerful query engines (including VO-compliant interfaces) and offers unique data analysis and visualization tools. IRSA exploits a re-useable architecture to deploy cost-effective archives, including 2MASS, Spitzer, WISE, Planck, and a large number of highly-used contributed data products from a diverse set of astrophysics projects.
Firefly is IPAC's Advanced Astronomy WEB UI Framework. It was open sourced in 2015, hosted at GitHub. Firefly is designed for building a web-based front end to access science archives with advanced data visualization capabilities.The visualization provide user with an integrated experience with brushing and linking capabilities among images, catalogs, and plots. Firefly has been used in many IPAC IRSA applications, in LSST Science Platform Portal, and in NED's newly released interface.
In this focus demo, we will show case many data access interfaces and services provided by IRSA based on Firefly. It will demonstrate the reusability of Firefly in query, data display, and its visualization capabilities, including the newly released features of HiPS images display, MOC overlay, and the interactions between all those visualization components.
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