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Paper: Open Source/Development Software Projects and Large Organizations/Missions: Recommendations and Challenges
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 697
Authors: Tollerud, E.; Crawford, S.
Abstract: Independent open-developed projects have been growing rapidly in astronomy and related domains - e.g., projects like Astropy, Sunpy, or Scipy. Large astronomy organizations or missions regularly make use of the software products of these projects, and at least in some cases, contribute back. This has the obvious benefit of being able to do more for the scientific community with less effort per mission. However, there are some challenges in this process: inflexible or aggressive deadlines by funded organizations may conflict with the timelines of open source projects, science vs engineering cultural conflicts may make contribution more difficult, mismatch between the needs of the general community and a specific mission. This BoF session was aimed at discussing exactly these tensions, some recommendations for how to resolve some of these tensions, and “sales pitches” for helping missions/institutions understand why it might be worth their time to contribute to open source projects.
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