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Paper: Data Citation: from Archives to Science Platforms
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 713
Authors: Muench, A.; D'Abrusco, R.
Abstract: As data citation and data preservation have gained increased prominence in recent years, we feel that it is important to continue the conversation that was started during the DOI BoF at ADASS XXVII and expand its scope. To be more specific, some of us, as data editors of the AAS Journals, see steady growth in authors using both high-level science and/or multi-purpose generic repositories for archiving publication related data & related materials. Data providers as well have acknowledged the need to adopt global, metadata-rich, persistent identifiers for data products they collect, curate, and share. We also anticipate an increase in funder or journal policies that encourage/require authors to make such data persistently available at publication. The BoF discussion included presentations and summaries of how astronomy and planetary archives are supporting data citation today.
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