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Paper: Magnetic Flux Density in 3D MHD Simulations and Observations
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 191
Authors: Beck, C.; Fabbian, D.; Rezaei, R.; Puschmann, K. G.
Abstract: We compare the polarization signals induced in three-dimensional (3D) magneto-hydrodynamical (MHD) simulations by the Zeeman effect in the presence of photospheric magnetic fields to those in observations at disc centre. We consider quantities determined from Stokes vector profiles of observations of photospheric spectral lines in the visible and near-infrared, and in corresponding synthetic spectra obtained from numerical 3D MHD simulations with an average magnetic flux density of 20–200 G. We match the spatial resolution of observations by degrading the spectra of the simulations. We find that the total unsigned vertical magnetic flux density in the simulation should be less than 50 G to reproduce the observed polarization signals in the quiet Sun internetwork. A value of ∼30 G best agrees with all observations we employed.
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