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Paper: Polarized Scattering Matrix for Magnetic Dipole Transitions
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 207
Authors: Megha, A.; Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sankarasubramanian, K.
Abstract: Forbidden emission lines, produced by magnetic dipole (M1) transitions, are difficult to observe in the laboratory, but naturally arise in the highly ionized atoms present in the solar corona. The polarization of these lines is the result of anisotropic excitation processes. The polarization measurement of forbidden emission lines is the most direct method of determining the magnetic field direction in the solar corona. Here we consider the general case of M1 transitions in the presence of magnetic fields of arbitrary strength. In particular, we derive the scattering matrix for the M1 transitions using the classical magnetic dipole oscillator model of Casini & Lin (2002) and applying the scattering matrix approach of Stenflo (1998). The derived scattering matrix covers, in a continuous way, saturated Hanle, intermediate Hanle-Zeeman, and Zeeman regimes.
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