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Paper: New Vacuum Solar Telescope Observations of Solar Fine-Scale Magnetic Structures in the Lower Atmosphere
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 229
Authors: Deng, L.
Abstract: Solar fine-scale magnetic features in the lower atmosphere hold the key to many poorly understood aspects of solar magnetism at all scales. High-resolution and high-cadence observations obtained with the New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST) of Fuxian Solar Observatory are used to investigate the statistical and dynamical behaviors of bright points (BPs), umbral dots (UDs), and Ellerman bombs (EBs). The following prominent results are found: (1) greater, brighter, and rounder BPs are found in regions with stronger magnetic fields; (2) the diameter and lifetime of UDs show an increasing trend with their brightness, while their velocity exhibits an inverse trend; (3) some EBs can be heated to 8×104 K, one to two orders of magnitude higher than the enhancement predicted from models of EBs. The results of this analysis suggest that the one-meter NVST is a successful facility for observing the Sun with very high spatial and temporal resolution, and for acquiring detailed information on the evolution of the above-mentioned fine-scale magnetic structures.
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