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Paper: The Change of Photospheric Magnetic Fields before Filament Formation and Eruption
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 255
Authors: Yan, X.; Xue, Z.; Wang, J.
Abstract: To better understand the formation and eruption of solar filaments, we study the change in the photospheric magnetic fields that precedes these phenomena. It is found that the shear motions first appear along the polarity inversion line (PIL) due to the movement of the sunspots. Moreover, the formation process of solar filaments is associated with magnetic emergence and the increase of the transverse magnetic fields. After the filament eruption, the transverse magnetic fields begin to decrease. This implies that the magnetic structures of solar filaments begin to rise and erupt. These results reveal that the filament formation and eruption are closely related to the change of photospheric magnetic fields.
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