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Paper: Cross-Calibration of the Huairou Solar Observation Station Full-Disk Longitudinal Magnetograms with Data Sets from SSO/STOP and SDO/HMI
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 329
Authors: Demidov, M. L.; Wang, X. F.; Hou, J. F.; Wang, D. G.; Kiselev, A. V.; Kuzanyan, K. M.
Abstract: We conducted regression and correlation analyses of full-disk longitudinal magnetograms from the Huairou Solar Observation Station's Solar Magnetism and Activity Telescope (Fe I 532.4 nm line), with those obtained at the STOP telescope (Irkutsk, Russia; Fe I 525.0 nm line) and SDO/HMI (Fe I 617.3 nm line). Such cross-calibration exercise has revealed the existence of essential differences, which, along with other factors, may cause discrepancies in numerical extrapolation results derived from those data (e.g., the position and size of coronal holes). The basic reasons for these differences are discussed, and possible ways to improve SMAT measurements are suggested.
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