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Paper: Spectral-Modulation-Based Polarization Calibration of the AIMS Telescope
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 335
Authors: Hou, J. F.
Abstract: We describe a novel method for the polarization calibration of the Accurate Infrared Magnetic field Measurements of the Sun (AIMS) telescope. A pair of thick multi-order retarders are incorporated into the polarization calibration unit (PCU). The measured intensity spectrum is composed of quasi-cosinusoidal, wave-number components carrying information about the instrumental polarization of the telescope. Fourier inversion of this “channeled” intensity spectrum determines the instrumental polarization of the telescope. No moving mechanisms or modulated optical components are used for the PCU, and all the instrumental polarization parameters can be determined at once from a single spectrum. Effectiveness and limits of this method are discussed for the mid-infrared telescope AIMS.
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