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Paper: The Polarization Calibration Model of the New Vacuum Solar Telescope
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 347
Authors: Yuan, S.; Hou, J. F.; Wang, D. G.; Ji, K.; Xu, J.
Abstract: Accurate vector magnetic field diagnostics on the solar photosphere with high spatial and temporal resolution is the primary scientific goal for the New Vacuum Solar Telescope. For this, a polarization calibration procedure should be foreseen to correct for the instrument polarization, which is mainly caused by the diagonal mirrors in the Coudé train. Since the installation of the polarization calibration unit into the telescope, the first calibration observation has been done. A parametric polarization model of the telescope and a nonlinear least-squares algorithm are developed for fitting the calibration data. The results show a 0.02 fitting residual for the cross-talk between Q, U, and V for the recent stage.
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