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Paper: Infrared Observations of V838 Mon
Volume: 363, The Nature of V838 Mon and its Light Echo
Page: 32
Authors: Rushton, M.T.; Geballe, T.R.; Evans, A.N.; van Loon, J.Th.; Smalley, B.; Eyres, S.P.S.
Abstract: We describe the results of fitting simple spherically symmetric models to the first overtone CO and AlO A−X (2−0) bands in V838 Mon. We find that the temperature and column of both CO and AlO systematically decline over the period 2002 October – 2005 February and that an additional, hotter and denser, component is present from 2005 January. We also describe the results of an observation of the star and its light echo at 850μm. We do not detect the ‘infrared’ echo at these wavelength, and place an upper limit of 3×107 cm−2 on the column of grains.
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