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Paper: Discovery of the Second Outburst and Further Observations of V838 Mon in the Czech Republic
Volume: 363, The Nature of V838 Mon and its Light Echo
Page: 59
Authors: Skoda, P.; Smelcer, L.; Brat, L.; Pejcha, O.; Sobotka, P.
Abstract: It was undoubtedly the rapid second outburst of V838 which increased the interest of the astronomical community in this unusual object. It is less well known that this discovery was made by a member of MEDUZA, the group of amateur observers of variable stars in the Czech Republic, who announced it quickly on the Internet and in the Czech public media.

Due to its increased publicity, the star has been investigated spectroscopically with the coudé and echelle spectrographs of the Ondrejov Observatory 2m telescope. We give a short overview of the history of the discovery as well as the results of these observations.

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