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Paper: Variable SiO Maser Emission from V838 Mon
Volume: 363, The Nature of V838 Mon and its Light Echo
Page: 87
Authors: Claussen, M.J.; Bond, H.E.; Starrfield, S.; Healy, K.
Abstract: We report on the variable SiO maser emission from V838 Mon. Using the VLA, we have monitored the v=2 and v=1 J=1→0 transitions at 7mm approximately monthly since September 2005, when we were apprised that Deguchi et al. had detected this emission using the 45-m NRO telescope. We had searched for SiO maser emission earlier in November 2003 with the VLA and had not detected any emission.

We have also used the Very Long Baseline Array to perform high angular resolution observations of the SiO masers. Preliminary results show that the maser emission is unresolved at an angular resolution of 600 by 200 microarcseconds, approximately 5 by 2 A.U. at a distance of 9 kiloparsec.

We discuss these results, observations of radio continuum and higher vibrational states of the SiO emission, and what these observations can tell us about the gas and dust around this enigmatic variable star.

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