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Paper: Observations of V838 Mon and the Nearby Region in the CO J = 1→0, 2→1 and 3→2 Transitions
Volume: 363, The Nature of V838 Mon and its Light Echo
Page: 103
Authors: Kaminski, T.; Miller, M.; Szczerba, R.; Tylenda, R.
Abstract: We present observations of V838 Mon and its close vicinity in the three lowest rotational transitions of CO. The J = 2→1 and 3→2 data were obtained using the 3 m KOSMA telescope. They include on-the-fly maps covering a large area (~3.4 sq. deg) around V838 Mon and long integrations on the star position. Complementary observations in the CO J = 1→0 transition were obtained using the 13.7 m Delingha telescope. The star position as well as 25 other points preselected in the near vicinity of the object have been measured in this transition.

We report on a detection of two narrow emission components in J = 2→1 and 3→2 transitions at the position of V838 Mon. Lines were found at radial velocities of Vlsr = 53.3 km s−1 and Vlsr = −11.0 km s.1. Their origin is unclear. We also briefly discuss results of the observations of the vicinity of V838 Mon.

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