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Paper: Spectral Variability and Binary Nature of V838 Mon
Volume: 363, The Nature of V838 Mon and its Light Echo
Page: 235
Authors: Kolka, I.; Kipper, T.
Abstract: Evidence of a hot secondary component in the spectrum of V838 Mon was found in 2002 when the brightness of V838 Mon was dropping to a minimum after the outburst. We have investigated the archival spectra of V838 Mon belonging to the outburst period and discovered variable spectral features which, already at this epoch, can be attributed to a secondary. We have found additional emission in spectral lines of higher excitation and suppose that this extra emission has its origin in the gas expelled from the primary and powered by the interaction with the secondary component. Further investigation is needed to clarify the nature of the companion (and of the physical process) responsible for the variable emission mentioned. However, we have found convincing evidence of the binary (or multiple) origin of V838 Mon.
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