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Paper: Multiscale Analysis of Photon-Limited Astronomical Images
Volume: 371, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV
Page: 247
Authors: Willett, R.
Abstract: Many astronomical studies rely upon the accurate reconstruction of spatially distributed phenomena from photon-limited data. These measurements are inherently “noisy” due to low photon counts. In addition, the behavior of the underlying photon intensity functions can be very rich and complex, and consequently difficult to model a priori. Nonparametric multiscale reconstruction methods overcome these challenges and facilitate characterization of fundamental performance limits. In this paper, we review several multiscale approaches to photon-limited image reconstruction, including wavelets combined with variance stabilizing transforms, corrected Haar wavelet transforms, multiplicative multiscale innovations, platelets, and the a trous wavelet transform. We discuss the performance of these methods in simulation studies, and describe statistical analyses of their performances.
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