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Paper: The Promise and Challenge of Multidimensional Visualization
Volume: 371, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV
Page: 288
Authors: Inselberg, A.
Abstract: The need to augment our perception, limited by our 3-dimensional experience, to understand multivariate problems motivates the quest for multidimensional visualization methodologies. Understanding the underlying geometry of a problem provides insight into what is possible and what is not. With the multidimensional system of Parallel Coordinates multidimensional lines, hyperplanes, smooth hypersurfaces and proximities can be visualized unambiguously and yield geometrical algorithms for intersections, minimal distances, containment etc. In turn, this leads to applications to Data Mining (Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) & Automatic Classification), Statistics, Nonlinear Modeling and more illustrated here by some examples presented with a short overview of the field.
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