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Paper: Membership in the Open Cluster M67: Working from Proper Motions via the EM Algorithm
Volume: 371, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV
Page: 403
Authors: Uribe, A.; Barrera-Rojas, R.-S.; Brieva, E.
Abstract: A membership study in the region of the open cluster M67 is presented. The employed method comes from a mixture model that overlaps 2 heteroscedastic Gaussian multivariate density functions to model the proper motion data of 1866 stars located in the region of M67.The parameter estimates are obtained via the EM or expectation maximization algorithm applying the McLachlan, Peel, Basford and Adams EMMIX software. The obtained membership probabilities come from Bayes Theorem; three hundred and twenty two most probable members are found, twelve of them of solar type.
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