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Paper: A Maximum Likelihood Method for Identifying the Components of Eclipsing Binary Stars
Volume: 371, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV
Page: 413
Authors: Devor, J.; Charbonneau, C.
Abstract: The Method for Eclipsing Component Identification (MECI) is an automated method for assigning the most likely absolute physical parameters to the components of an eclipsing binary (EB) star system. MECI is unique in that it requires only the photometric light curve and combined colors of an eclipsing binary star system. This method enables us to systematically analyze large photometric time-series survey datasets (e.g. OGLE, MACHO, TrES, HAT, and many others). It also enables the analysis of binaries that are faint due to their large distance or low intrinsic luminosity, for which obtaining multi-epoch spectroscopy would be difficult. We built an automated implementation of this method and publicly released its source code. We intend to use MECI to find rare and interesting systems, specifically low-mass binaries, for which the mass-radius relation is poorly understood.
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