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Paper: TIRAVEL — Template Independent RAdial VELocity measurement
Volume: 371, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV
Page: 447
Authors: Zucker, S.; Mazeh, T.
Abstract: We propose a new approach to measure differential radial velocities for a set of observed spectra of the same object without any prior knowledge of the object spectrum. The proposed approach—TIRAVEL (Template Independent RAdial VELocities)—looks for the set of Doppler shifts that optimizes the mutual alignment of the set of observed spectra. We suggest a simple measure to quantify this mutual alignment. We report on a demonstration of the effectiveness of TIRAVEL that analyzes a sample of known spectroscopic binary stars. It shows that TIRAVEL may achieve a better precision than the commonly used correlation technique that uses a given template. Once generalized to multi-order spectra, TIRAVEL may improve the precise measurement of radial velocities of late-type stars in the search of extrasolar planets.
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