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Paper: Dense gas in the Galaxy
Volume: 12, The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium
Page: 49
Authors: Scoville, N. Z.
Abstract: The large-scale distribution of gas in the Galaxy is discussed by means of a review of recent studies of molecular gas and statistical analyses of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) as derived from CO-line surveys. The use of CO as a tracer of the galactic H2 is discussed, and the large-scale distribution is analyzed both in terms of the radius and the spiral arms. The properties of GMCs are listed with quantitative estimates of the rate of star formation as suggested by far-IR data. The Orion molecular cloud is then examined in detail because it is the closest GMC and because supporting data is extensive. The CO and IR data suggest that two clouds are present with six core regions, a magnetic-field direction aligned with the long axis of the cloud, and an extensive population of lower-mass stars.
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