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Paper: The high-energy component of the ISM - Cosmic rays and gamma rays
Volume: 12, The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium
Page: 79
Authors: Bloemen, Hans
Abstract: The paper reviews investigations of cosmic-ray (CR) particles in the Galaxy and primarily discusses results of gamma-ray astronomy. Large-scale aspects of CR distribution and transport are addressed including radial gradient and halo size, inverse-Compton gamma-ray halo and 'medium-latitude excess', and spectral variations. The discussion of small-scale aspects of CR distribution and transport encompasses the coupling of CRs and matter as well as the emanation of gamma rays from violent interstellar events. CRs are responsible for the three main continuum components of interstellar gamma-ray emission which typically occurs at about 1 MeV. Several projects that can advance the research of gamma rays are described which include the Gamma-1 experiment, Egret, Comptel, and Batse. Gamma-ray astronomy is considered to have important ramifications for advancing the study of interactions between low-energy CR nuclei and the ISM.
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