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Paper: Turbulent stripping of interstellar clouds by interaction with supernova remnants
Volume: 12, The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium
Page: 117
Authors: Klein, Richard I.; Colella, Philip; McKee, Christopher F.
Abstract: The interaction of a small interstellar cloud and a blast wave from a supernova remnant is modeled analytically with local adaptive mesh-refinement techniques and second-order Godunov hydrodynamics. The evolution of the cloud morphology is modeled during the nonradiative cloud shock. The evolution is detailed including shock-shock interactions and Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. Accurate second-order high-resolution mesh-refinement calculations are presented which show the evolution of cloud evolution into the regime of fragmentation. The model shows that cloud destruction proceeds more rapidly than the free-fall time and that the clouds evolve toward elongated structures. The large number of supersonic vortex rings generated in the analysis can account for the heightened magnetic fields and synchrotron emission of cosmic-ray electrons and thereby explain the compact hot spots identified in Cas A.
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