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Paper: Evolution of the chemistry in dense clouds
Volume: 12, The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium
Page: 229
Authors: Ziurys, Lucy M.
Abstract: Theoretical consideration with observational support is given to molecule synthesis in dense interstellar clouds emphasizing the gas-phase ion-molecule reactions in cold quiescent clouds. The ion-molecule theory is first compared with species observations of TMC-1 and L134N in which all expected interstellar molecules were detected. The concept of shock chemistry is discussed in the light of observations of the Orion-KL region, and the uniqueness of SiO to shock chemistry is considered. Agreement between theory and observation is evident in measurements of molecules in hot shocked gas, particularly for silicon- and sulfur-related species. The chemistry of the dense clouds is concluded to be an evolving process characterized by gas-phase ion-molecule reactions in nonenergetic phases, and shock-chemistry reactions during the birth and death of stars.
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