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Paper: Stochastic stellar wind models - Evolved stars
Volume: 26, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun: Seventh Cambridge Workshop
Page: 383
Authors: Cuntz, Manfred
Abstract: Observational, semiempirical, and theoretical results are presented for individual cool giants and supergiants which show that stochastic stellar wind flows are an extremely important feature in these stars. It is shown that the status of the existing theoretical models is very uncertain, due to the fact that appropriate models must simultaneously take into account a broad variety of strongly coupled physical processes. The potentially important physical processes include global oscillation modes; convection; magnetic fields; the generation, propagation, and interaction of stochastic waves; three-dimensional radiative transfer effects; time-dependent hydrogen ionization; thermal bifurcation and instabilities; and nonequilibrium chemistry, particularly the formation and destruction of molecules and dust.
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