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Paper: The ESO Imaging Survey Project: Building a Survey Software System
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 3
Authors: da Costa, L.; Rite, C.; Slijkhuis, R.G.
Abstract: To cope with the rapidly increasing volume and complexity of data being generated by ESO's public optical/infrared imaging surveys a high-performance, end-to-end survey software system has been developed. Its main aim is to provide a robust framework to efficiently transform raw data into science-grade survey products. The system consists of several tasks wrapped together into an integrated framework. These tasks include: the un-supervised reduction of optical/infrared images generated by different imagers, the astrometric and photometric calibration of the data, the creation of image stacks and mosaics, the preparation of catalogs and the selection of different targets of potential interest for spectroscopic follow-up. Since the data are meant to be public, the system also provides an extensive description of the products and the required information for users to assess their quality. The system has been designed to enable a small group to monitor the un-supervised reduction and analysis of data from multiple surveys in their entirety—from survey definition all the way through to the release of comprehensively documented survey products (stacked images, mosaics and catalogs)—all done by one operator from a single desktop. While originally designed for handling survey data, the system can also be used as a general front-end to ESO's raw data archive, and as such serve as a site-specific interface to the general VO infra-structure. In this contribution the system is briefly described.
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