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Paper: Adapting the BIMA Image Pipeline for Miriad Using Python
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 42
Authors: Mehringer, D.M.; Plante, R.
Abstract: Through our experience using AIPS++ in the BIMA Image Pipeline, we found that a sophisticated scripting environment is crucial for supporting an automated pipeline. Miriad V4, now in development, introduces support for calling Miriad programs from a Python environment (referred to as Pyramid). We are creating processing recipes using Miriad through Python that can be used with the BIMA Image Pipeline. As part of this work, we are prototyping tools that could be integrated into Pyramid. These include two Python classes, UVDataset and Image for examining the contents of Miriad datasets. These simple tools have allowed us to recast our Pipeline using Miriad in only a couple of months. Python recipes are used for such things as determining line-free channels for continuum subtraction and determining if data will benefit from self-calibration. We are currently using the Pipeline to do massive processing of hundreds of tracks of archival data using NCSA's Teraflop IA-32 Linux cluster.
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