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Paper: Towards a Large Field of View Archive for the European VLBI Network
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 50
Authors: van Langevelde, H.J.; Olnon, F.M.; Verkouter, H.; Kramer, B.; Garrett, M.A.; Szomoru, A.; Parsley, S.M.; Bos, A.
Abstract: Traditionally VLBI observations focus on a small patch of sky and image typically a few 100 mas around a bright source, which is often used to self-calibrate the data. High spectral and time resolution is needed to image a larger area, in principle up to the primary beam of the individual telescopes. The EVN MkIV data processor at JIVE is being upgraded to make such high resolution data its standard product. From the archive of high resolution data it will be possible to image many sources in each field of view around the original targets.
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