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Paper: Increasing the Accessibility of Green Bank Telescope Data
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 70
Authors: O'Neil, K.; Radziwill, N.; Maddalena, R.
Abstract: The Green Bank Telescope (GBT) currently outputs its raw data as a suite of binary FITS files, approximately one per component device on the telescope, which are then consolidated and pre-processed before being written into an AIPS++ Measurement Set for more extensive analysis. This design decision by the GBT project had essentially restricted astronomers to a single data analysis package and reduced the productivity of those who prefer other analysis packages. To maximize the scientific returns from the unique features of the GBT, and to support a broader cross-section of observers' backgrounds and interests, work is being done to combine raw GBT data from the disparate FITS files into a variety of standardized FITS file formats such as SDFITS and CLASS FITS. Here we describe prototyping exercises that were initiated during the summer of 2003 for the purpose of identifying how to make GBT data more readily accessible to a wider variety of data reduction tools. Although further refinement is needed to support the standard observing modes of the GBT in a production capacity, early results from the investigation demonstrate the feasibility and applicability of the approach.
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