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Paper: Transparent XML Binding using the ALMA Common Software (ACS) Container/Component Framework
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 81
Authors: Sommer, H.; Chiozzi, G.; Fugate, D.; Sekoranja, M.
Abstract: ALMA software, from high-level data flow applications down to instrument control, is built using the ACS framework. The common architecture and infrastructure used for the whole ALMA software is presented at this conference in (Schwarz, Farris, & Sommer 2004).

ACS offers a CORBA-based container/component model and supports the exchange and persistence of XML data. For the Java programming language, the container integrates transparently the use of type-safe Java binding classes to let applications conveniently work with XML transfer objects without having to parse or serialize them.

This paper will show how the ACS container/component architecture serves to pass complex data structures, such as observation meta-data, between heterogeneous applications.

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