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Paper: A Domino-based Virtual Observatory Service for the HI Parkes All Sky Survey
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 149
Authors: Barnes, D.G.; Stenborg, T.N.
Abstract: The current development of globally accessible astrophysical data systems is increasingly embracing Grid computing concepts, with data description and formatting standards such as VOTable and Uniform Content Descriptors providing a basis for system-system interoperability. To date, a diverse set of database management systems have been used for catalogue storage within these systems. We present a Virtual Observatory service for the HI Parkes All Sky Survey, implemented on an IBM Lotus Domino R6 database management system. Domino's distributed computing architecture, with in-built support for replication and clustering, sets it apart from more general database systems as being inherently suitable for Grid computing applications.
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