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Paper: Korean Astronomical Data Center Prototype Release
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 165
Authors: Sung, H.-I.; Kim, S.C.; Yim, I.S.; Nam, H.-W.; Kim, B.G.; Kim, J.; Lee, D.-J.
Abstract: The prototype version of the Korean Astronomical Data Center (KADC)'s database server is presented. The first dataset is from the Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory (BOAO)'s 1.8m optical telescope. The total amount of the data is about 400 GB and these data are obtained during 1997 Sep -- 2002 Dec by using 1K CCD, 2K CCD, and medium-dispersion spectrograph. The prototype version of KADC database has two modes for the users : (i) user can look through the list of titles of observing runs, observation logs, and parameters of each FITS files, and (ii) user can search data by typing object name, coordinates and search box size, etc. The FITS format files for target objects together with all accompanying files for processing can be obtained. In KADC database, the search process is being operated by SQL using metadata-table which contains information of FITS header parameters. This archive is the first astronomical database made in Korea, which will be expanded for the Taeduk 14m radio telescope data and future projects such as Korean VLBI Network (KVN, to be completed in 2007) and 8m-class large optical telescope which is currently being designed.
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