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Paper: Spectrum and Bandpass Services for the Virtual Observatory
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 185
Authors: Dobos, L.; Budavari, T.; Csabai, I.; Szalay, A.S.
Abstract: We present easy-to-use web applications and XML Web Services to search, plot and manage spectral energy distributions and filter profiles. We provide keyword search, advanced query forms and SQL interfaces to select spectra and band passes that may be retrieved in a variety of formats including XML, VOTable and ASCII. All SDSS DR1 spectra had been loaded into a database as well as the entire 2dF catalog that adds up to half million SEDs but registered users can upload their own data making it available for the rest of the community and are free to modify or delete them at any time. Scientific services allow to build rest-frame composite spectra out of selected spectra. The filter profile database has a growing collection of photometric filters and the same search interfaces. Using the spectrum and filter profile core services, we plan to build higher level services to help astronomers create color-color diagrams, simulated catalogs and to estimate distances to extragalactic objects.
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