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Paper: ISDC's DAL and DAL3 libraries
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 193
Authors: O'Neel, B.; Beck, M.; Lerusse, L.; Walter, R.; Peachey, J.; Jennings, D.; Paltani, S.
Abstract: This paper discuss the ISDC's experiences with our Data Access Layers (DAL). Now that Integral has launched and we have a year of operational experience we can more fully evaluate DAL's benefits for Integral as well as potential benefits to other missions. ISDC's DAL was designed to solve problems anticipated by the combination of Integral's 4 instruments, wide fields of view, many instrument modes, and new pointings approximantly every half hour. This would mean that any sensible scientific data analysis would process hundreds of individual files. Selecting and managing these files was seen as a large and unnecessary overhead to push off to the scientist and DAL and DAL3 have generally allowed scientists to work while remembering only one file name.
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