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Paper: New Features for Aladin 2.0
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 221
Authors: Boch, T.; Fernique, P.; Bonnarel, F.
Abstract: We present the main new features of the Aladin interactive sky atlas (version 2.0, November 2003). The Aladin tool is able to query a remote server providing new VO DAL (Data Access Layer) outputs and to interpret the result. Aladin is able to build a metadata tree from the description of a dataset, in order to easily browse through all data available in a sky region on a server or in a local folder. It is now possible to interface Aladin to other Java applets in a standard way, and this has been applied to VOPlot. In addition, Aladin can now parse VOTables from various origins.

It is also possible to recalibrate the astrometry of images, using different astrometric reduction methods, or to create manually a new calibration using a reference catalogue. Other miscellaneous changes have been implemented.

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