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Paper: VO Enabled Mirage and the IVOA Client Package
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 300
Authors: Carliles, S.; Ho, T.K.; O'Mullane, W.
Abstract: Astronomers commonly analyze astronomical data by imposing different views on the data, frequently viewing it in image form or as multi-dimensional plots. The ability to correlate the data in these views in order to see manifestations of patterns across views would be a powerful tool. The Mirage data visualization application offers this functionality. In order to increase the value of this tool to astronomers, we have added two features to Mirage, namely a module for viewing FITS images, and the ability to load VOTable data. During the process of adding the VOTable functionality to Mirage, we also developed a separate Java package, called the IVOA Client Package, which can be integrated easily into any other Java application to provide the ability to load VOTable data via Cone search queries submitted to any Cone services published in a Registry, or by a direct SDSS CAS query. We describe briefly the IVOA Client Package, the usage of VO Enabled Mirage, and the process of writing a data view module which can be incorporated into Mirage. We also briefly describe the process of programming a FITS viewer in Java using JSky.
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