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Paper: The AstroGrid MySpace System
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 330
Authors: Davenhall, A.C.; Qin, C.L.; Noddle, K.T.; Walton, N.A.
Abstract: MySpace is a component of AstroGrid, the Virtual Observatory system being developed in the UK. It provides AstroGrid users with work space for both temporary and long-term storage. Typically the system will be used to store datasets generated by queries submitted to large databases. The novel feature of the MySpace system is that although the work space is geographically dispersed, with stores at the various sites hosting AstroGrid archives, the user can access and navigate it seamlessly and easily, with the network details of the individual stores being hidden. MySpace is a fully integrated component of the AstroGrid system, written in Java and communicating via Web services. It is under active development and its current state and future plans are described. Functionality similar to that of MySpace seems likely to be a common requirement for a Virtual Observatory system, and the experience gained with MySpace should be applicable elsewhere.
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