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Paper: Locating Virtual Observatory Resources With the Astrogrid Registry
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 342
Authors: Auden, E.; Linde, T.; Noddle, K.T.; Richards, A.M.S.; Walton, N.A.
Abstract: The Astrogrid registry stores metadata for every resource available to the Astrogrid virtual observatory. A resource can be defined as a data archive, a data storage area, data modelling and astronomical algorithms, communities, and other registries to name but a few. The Astrogrid registry uses the registry and resource schemas developed in conjunction with the IVOA registry workgroup. Each registry entry describes a resource in terms of identity, curation, content, and service access metadata. An Astrogrid user or component can conduct nested searches on the registry using XQuery, an implementation of the XML query language. In addition, the registry administration service allows privileged users to add, edit, and delete resource entries in a registry.
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